New works on sale!!!

"Nikko Girl" and work "Gakko Girl" sales were started with my web shop.

Nikko Girl

Gakko Girl

These works are exhibited to "SWEET STREET 2" that holds in the gallery Nucleus in October.
This time I produced the small size. It is a handy price.
How about Christmas gift? ^^v

Please look at my web shop about details.
There is only one by one! Don't miss it!!!


Cover illsutration for cildren's book

Cover Illustration for Children's Book. "Secret of the national flag"


Rabbit year material book

This is a material collection DVD book for next year's New Year's card.
I drew cover illustration and rabbit's illustrations by about 20 works.


Illustration for magazine.

Illustration for Spot the difference magazine.



11/15-11/16 only 2 days!!
4-28-16 3F Jingumae
Shibuya-ku,Tokyo Japan 150-0001

Sponsored by 6%DOKIDOKI!!

Akira Ebihara
Bwana Spoons
Kayo Tamaishi
Misa Tsutsui

SWEET STREETS is coming to Tokyo!! Our friends at 6%DOKIDOKI and Lovlies Laboratory will co-host select artwork from the SWEET STREETS 2010 exhibition on November 15-16, 2010 in Harajuku.

SWEET STREETS http://sweetstreetsla.blogspot.com/

I exhibit two works of "Nikko-girl" and "Gakko-girl".


Cover Illsutration

To our regret, this magazine was suspended by this title. :(


Japanese artist special book

Eight artists gathered, and a wonderful book "HON" was made.
Full of comics and illustrations by the artists below. It's filled with an original comic book story and illustrations by the artists below.
 Yoshio “Frank” Chatani
 bkub Okawa
 Ryu Moto(Ryusuke Hamamoto)
 Sana Takeda
 Yoshinori Natsume
 Misa Tsutsui
 Maiko Kubo

 and Aki Yanagi (Writer,Translater)

I am taking charge of the design and the edit of this book.
I make the cover design in the shape of "Hon (meaning book)" of the Chinese character.

Our book will be sold exclusively at the New York Comic Con and Comita 94 in Tokyo.

More detailes......


For sale by inPRINT

Sales of my work were started with inPRINT.
It is a chance that my "Neo Digi Ukiyoe" can be get by a reasonable price!!

First of all,"Rhododendron and Girl" , "Plum and Japanese Nightingale" and "Tiger Eyes -Fire-" are sold now.

The new works schedules to increase gradually.
Please let me know the work that you want to sell the print.

inPRINT my page


Sweet Streets II

Sweet Streets II in which I am participating starts today in the Nucleus gallery.

Sweet Streets II inspired by Japanese streets attracted hundreds of art and fashion enthusiasts. We can't miss!!

Sweet Streets II
September 11, 2010 - October 4, 2010
Opening Reception / Sep 11, 7:00PM - 11:00PM


The solo show is hold now

The solo show is hold now in my hometown KOCHI.

A lot of special products in Kochi are drawn in this work.

A lot of flowers reached the gallery. Thank you Mother, Father, Brother, and many friends !!!

"Katsura-hama" is a beautiful coast in Kochi.
The bronze statue of Ryoma Sakamoto who is the loyalists in the last days of the Tokugawa shogunate is here.


My personal exhibition soon

My personal exhibition starts soon. !!!
It is first time to exhibit "Neo Digi Ukiyoe" in Japan though I have exhibited my work many times in foreign countries.
In addition, this show is held in love my hometown KOCHI.

This is tower of invitation card. LOL

A digital part, an analog part, and my work go on at the same time now. I am really busy. (><)


Spot the difference

Illustration for Spot the difference magazine.