Tarot Show

I participate in "HIVE TAROT" of HIVE gallery in Los Angeles from October 3rd.
This time is my first participation.

I take charge of "Night of Swords" of Minor Arcana deck.
Though tarot appeared in Europe,I painted it in the Japanese style.
It is a "Samurai who rid on horse" ^_^

Unfortunately, I cannot go to LA. :(
Please let me know your impression by all means if you see this show!


Now in progress

Now Im painting all night.......
terribly sleepy, hungry,backach.....


Exhibit in LA!

I am going to participate in group show in LA next month!!!

I am desperately painting new work for this exhibit now.
Usually I produce a work spending four weeks from one month, but I should finish up only TEN DAYS this time! Impossible!!!

I'll let you know later about details.

I am drawing the Samurai who ride a black horse.
It is dark atmosphere work......