Stay In L.A

I am staying L.A. until 1st next month.

I visit a lot of galleries and sell my work.
It is very severe activity, but is very exciting.

I do my best toward my dream!!!!


San Diego Comic-Con ended!!

San Diego Comic-Con ended!! I bought a lot of Great sketch books.
It was very exciting and happy for me.

I was asked for some sketches.
I was disappointed because my sketch is very poor. sigh....

Because it forgot to take the photograph of my sketch, it is not possible to improve here. Damn!


My hard-cover portfolio

I made a hard cover portfolio. Sample movie is here.

I plan to stay in Los Angeles when San Diego Comic-C ends.
I am going to visit some galleries with this portfolio, because I have a dream of holding exhibition in LA sometime.
Does the staff in galleries really see my work? I have butterflies in my stomach! :(

God bless ME!!


I made two artbook for Comic-Con!

I introduces two books that I made this time.

Neo Digi Ukiyoe Sketch and Art is a artbook that puts all works of NDU series and rough sketches together. You can buy this book in my shop.

There is a web-site with more information about Neo Digi Ukiyoe.


Misa Tsutsui Workbookis a book that collected my works as an illustrator in Japan.

If you are interested in these books, please speak to me in the hall of SDCC. But I have not table.
I am putting up this Red Manekineko (Lukey cat) to my rucksack. If you come across this, please speack to me.
Good luck! ;)
Of course e-mail is welcome.


Recent Works

These are works submitted to various competitions recently.


My web site is Renewal !!

It was finally completed today though I had prepared the renewal on the website for a long time.

My recommendation is a page of "Neo Digi Ukiyoe".
Please see by all means.

Misa Tsutsui Web