Spot the difference

"Kodomono-hi" is the Boys' Festival on March 5.
There are 7 difference spot. Please seek all of them.


New Work for Pazzle Magazine

I will take charge of the cover of a new magazine this month. This is a puzzle magazine with the history for 12 years in Japan, was renewed this month.
The main character is a wolf, and the subcharacter is a sheep.


Cover Illustration for Magazine

Cover Illustration for Pazzle Magazine "Skelton Mate". Theme is Holland. Sale on 2, April.


IF:talisman "HAKUTAKU"

“Hakutaku” serving for the girl is a traditional Chinese imaginary being with nine eyes and nine horns that well-knows about sum of things and possesses knowledge of all kinds of specters.
In Japan, it became a symbol of expelling the evil spirits and diseases and people used a picture of Hakutaku as a talisman against disease when a plague was spread.

"I pray that you may be protected by Providence."