Happy Wedding for my Brother

I made this letter paper for my big brother who would do the wedding next month.
Congratulations my brother!! I hope you'll be happy for ever and ever.


Clearance sale start!!

Clearance sale start!!
There work that I exhibited in New York or Paris etc.. are sold by discount price. All the stocks are ONLY ONE.
Moreover, shipping is a discount price to the worldwide.
Please check my shop.
Don't miss !!


New Work

These photo is my new work that will be completed soon. It is a work that makes "KANNON(Goddess of mercy of Japan)" a theme.
The hand paint is added with gilt to Gicree digital print on canvas paper.


Cut for Magazine

"HINAMATSURI" is the Girls' Festival on March 3.
I made this illustration for Spot the difference magazine.

There are 7 difference spot. Do you seek all of them?