Illustration for magazine. and Happy Holiday

Best wishes and heartfull greetings for Christmas.


Illustration for Magazine

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Happy Holiday everyone!!!


New work On Sale!!

New work On Sale!!

This is a tiger who watches you from the bamboo forest. The pattern of tiger's body images the fire and the light The "炎"(Japanese Kanji that means "Fire") and "光"(Japanese Kanji that means "light") is marked to tiger's forehead. I expressed the bamboo by using a traditional pattern of Japan.

The works are Giclees, printed on canvas that painted a golden acrylic gouache. This item is being offered at good prices.

This work has consigned sales to the Gallery Tagboat (domestic only).
Please contact me if you are a foreigner. ^_^

Tiger Eye -Fire-
Tiger Eye -light-

Size : 15.7x15.7 inch (40x40cm)
Medium : Gicree Print with Handpaint
Base : Canvas Paper with Frame
Year of Execution : 2009

You can see more details in my web shop site.


Spot the difference

Illustration for Spot the difference magazine.


Art Sydny

I am going to participate in "Art Sydny" in 22-25 October.
My work is in the booth of "Mayumi international".

I am going to exhibit my work "Japanese Iris and Yatsuhashi", "Butterfly and Peony" and another several works.

"Butterfly and Peony"

"Japanese Iris and Yatsuhashi"

"Art Sydney 09" 

Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park
22-25 October
Stand NO: A12
mayumi International


Tarot Show

I participate in "HIVE TAROT" of HIVE gallery in Los Angeles from October 3rd.
This time is my first participation.

I take charge of "Night of Swords" of Minor Arcana deck.
Though tarot appeared in Europe,I painted it in the Japanese style.
It is a "Samurai who rid on horse" ^_^

Unfortunately, I cannot go to LA. :(
Please let me know your impression by all means if you see this show!


Now in progress

Now Im painting all night.......
terribly sleepy, hungry,backach.....


Exhibit in LA!

I am going to participate in group show in LA next month!!!

I am desperately painting new work for this exhibit now.
Usually I produce a work spending four weeks from one month, but I should finish up only TEN DAYS this time! Impossible!!!

I'll let you know later about details.

I am drawing the Samurai who ride a black horse.
It is dark atmosphere work......


Recent Works

Design of hero costume.

Character design.

cafe's sign.


Work for magazine and Facebook....

9 Aug On Sale (in Japan)

By the way...........

I registered in FACEBOOK the other day. But.......
However, what should I do? (>o<)
I don't yet understand how I can enjoy it, but I try to seek my friends ;)



Stay In L.A

I am staying L.A. until 1st next month.

I visit a lot of galleries and sell my work.
It is very severe activity, but is very exciting.

I do my best toward my dream!!!!


San Diego Comic-Con ended!!

San Diego Comic-Con ended!! I bought a lot of Great sketch books.
It was very exciting and happy for me.

I was asked for some sketches.
I was disappointed because my sketch is very poor. sigh....

Because it forgot to take the photograph of my sketch, it is not possible to improve here. Damn!


My hard-cover portfolio

I made a hard cover portfolio. Sample movie is here.

I plan to stay in Los Angeles when San Diego Comic-C ends.
I am going to visit some galleries with this portfolio, because I have a dream of holding exhibition in LA sometime.
Does the staff in galleries really see my work? I have butterflies in my stomach! :(

God bless ME!!


I made two artbook for Comic-Con!

I introduces two books that I made this time.

Neo Digi Ukiyoe Sketch and Art is a artbook that puts all works of NDU series and rough sketches together. You can buy this book in my shop.

There is a web-site with more information about Neo Digi Ukiyoe.


Misa Tsutsui Workbookis a book that collected my works as an illustrator in Japan.

If you are interested in these books, please speak to me in the hall of SDCC. But I have not table.
I am putting up this Red Manekineko (Lukey cat) to my rucksack. If you come across this, please speack to me.
Good luck! ;)
Of course e-mail is welcome.