In progress, still...

This work will be completed soon......


Neo Digi Ukiyoe "Deer and Autumn Tint"

I am drawing "Deer and Autumn Tint" of the Hanafuda series.
This is a card symbolize October.

The deer is messenger of god in Japan. (It is famous that there are a lot of deer in NARA. ) I decided to draw this work with this deer's legend as the theme.
I went to Kasuga Taisha Shrine in NARA to draw this work.

"Takemikazuchinomikoto" rides on a white deer and is an descend to Kasuga Taisha Shrine in Nara. He is a God of battle,thunder and the archery.
I want to finish up this work by the end of this month. I will up the progress of this work little by little.


Neo Digi Ukiyoe "Hanafuda" Thema

Hanafuda is Japanese playing cards has a long history. Those arts are very unique and wonderful, but the author is unknown. Please see wiki pedia in detail.
I have already painted two works that make a hanafuda theme as a "Neo Digi Ukiyoe".
I am drawing " The New Hanafuda" that adds the festival, the tradition, the legend,the flower, and the imaginary animal etc..of Japan to the pattern of traditional Hanafuda,

There are 12 typical patterns in hanafuda. When I painted 12 artwork which featured the theme of those all , I will want to exhibit all of them somewhere. (I am trying to finish the all painting before the summer of the next year)

I am looking for best place.
hmmm......., Where is suitable Art Event or Gallery for my work?