IF:Tales and Legends "KIYOHIME"

"KIyohime" is a woman who appears in a famous legend in Japan.

She fall in love with the young monk who had been travel. But he rejected her.
The monk feared Kiyohime's violent love. He escapes and hides in the temple bell. Kiyohime changed into the snake, weaps herself around the bell and melts it.

hmm...I'm sorry my English unskilled.


Skelton Mate Best Selection

I have been drawing the cover illustration of this "Skelton mate" for eight years.
This is a special number.
line up successive cover illustration in the background.


Kocoo and Rutile

This is not new work.......


Kocoo & the Stone

“Kocoo & the Stone” is an original story that I conceived, including the story and world setting. I have completed a full 3-D animation based on this story in 2006.

The story of “Kocoo & the Stone” in detail HERE
An abridged version of “Kocoo & the Stone” is available for downloading.

This project had stopped for a long time.
But,I want to draw a new work one of these days.
Yes, may be........


Finished Work

The work "Karyo-binga (Mouse-version)" was finished.
This new work started on a journey to France yesterday.


Celebrate the New Year

Happy New Year All !!
I went to "hatumoude" (the first visit of the year to a shrine) at the second day of the year.
This temple is "SEIRYU-JI (Blue dragon temple)" built at the Heian era.