In progress

This is a new work of Neo Digi Ukiyoe series. The theme is a god in Japan named "isyanaten".
He is a god of the wind and the fire. He has three eyes, trident, and the cup that blood entered, and, followed by six very brutal gods as a subordinate.

Yes,He looks like very horrible, but he is certainly a god. haha
There are a lot of gods who a fierce look like isyanaten in Japan.
Generally, they are called "Myo-o" (However, he is not included in Myo-o).


Illustration for Magazine

They go out for the trip to the world from this number.
In the first cover, they are celebrate new year in "Russia" (Saint Basil's Cathedral).


Now In Progress

The work that I am drawing now is a new work of the Hanafuda(Japanese playing cards) series .
Title is "The ume tree and Bush Warbler".

This bird is "White-eye" to be drawn on this card though the title is "Bush warbler". Because it is said that the old people mistake a voice of White Eye "on" the tree for voice of the Bush Warbler that sing "under" the tree.

(To tell the truth, there are a lot of Japanese who are mistake a White Eye for Bush Warbler now. What a shame!!)

This work will be completed on 3 or 4 days.


LAST work for Magazine

Unfortunately, this magazine will suspend publication this title at the end.
I am very mortifying!! Because I hear sales of this magazine seems not to have been bad.

I am wishing the republication of this magazine.


Exhibition in Melbourne

I continuously participate in two exhibitions(The place is the same gallery.) in Melbourne. One is a project exhibition done in the Collingwood gallery as part of "Melbourne fringe festival". Another one is a project exhibition that collects Japanese woman artist in the same gallery.

I exhibit seven works including the two new works . Four works are HANAFUDA(Japanese playing cards) series.
Because I retouched in Japanese painting materials (gold leaf,clay pigment, etc) on Gicree print, it is only one work in the worlds.

Please come to see my work by all means if you stay in Australia.
Thank you.

「Art Collection by Japanese Artists」(Melbourne Fringe Festival)
DATE:26 September-8 October
PLACE: The Collingwood Gallery
(262 Smith St, Collingwood, 3066)
Reception:26 September

("Melbourne Fringe Festival" 24 Sep-12 Oct website)


「Japanese woman Artists (tentative title)」
DATE:10 October -23 October
PLACE: The Collingwood Gallery
(262 Smith St, Collingwood, 3066)
Reception:10 October


Illustration for Children's Book

This is a cover illustration of the book for children.
The pictures of the wall is a traffic sign, eco mark, and a various sign of Japan.

This book title is " Tanni kigo no himitsu" (The secret of a unit and mark).


New Work

My new work Neo Digi Ukiyoe is a work that makes "Japanese Iris and Yatsuhashi" of Hanafuda a motif.

This card represents season of May. May 5 is "Children's Day" in Japan. This day put up carp streamers. This originates in the legend of China that the carp becomes a dragon if it climbs the large river.
I have incorporated the idea in my new work.


Summer vacation!

My work was really busy this month.
I return to the parents' home because I will be summer vacation from tomorrow.

I have working hard to finish all work until today, but there is a little backlog of work........


In progress, still...

This work will be completed soon......


Neo Digi Ukiyoe "Deer and Autumn Tint"

I am drawing "Deer and Autumn Tint" of the Hanafuda series.
This is a card symbolize October.

The deer is messenger of god in Japan. (It is famous that there are a lot of deer in NARA. ) I decided to draw this work with this deer's legend as the theme.
I went to Kasuga Taisha Shrine in NARA to draw this work.

"Takemikazuchinomikoto" rides on a white deer and is an descend to Kasuga Taisha Shrine in Nara. He is a God of battle,thunder and the archery.
I want to finish up this work by the end of this month. I will up the progress of this work little by little.


Neo Digi Ukiyoe "Hanafuda" Thema

Hanafuda is Japanese playing cards has a long history. Those arts are very unique and wonderful, but the author is unknown. Please see wiki pedia in detail.
I have already painted two works that make a hanafuda theme as a "Neo Digi Ukiyoe".
I am drawing " The New Hanafuda" that adds the festival, the tradition, the legend,the flower, and the imaginary animal etc..of Japan to the pattern of traditional Hanafuda,

There are 12 typical patterns in hanafuda. When I painted 12 artwork which featured the theme of those all , I will want to exhibit all of them somewhere. (I am trying to finish the all painting before the summer of the next year)

I am looking for best place.
hmmm......., Where is suitable Art Event or Gallery for my work?


Illustration Friday : electricity


"Rai-jin" is the god of thunder. This work is a pair with "Fu-jin (the god of the wind)". Many painters have drawn "Fujin" and "Raijin" so far.
In addition, I drew "Nobori-ryu (ascending dragon)".

This work was sold as a hanging scroll in my exhibition etc.


Rat Girl

This is the year of rat in Chinese astrology.
Though I draw the girl of the western style first, finally, it became a Japanese style.
Her clothes are the underling of magistrate styles in Edo period. It is "Jitte" that she has in the hand. It is arms used when the criminal is arrested.


Advertise Myself

I made flyer. It sent it to the client of about 100 companies.
I am wishing the good result to come in. ^^


Illustration for web

This is an illustration for the web site of the pharmaceutical company.
Because I designed these characters 4 years or more ago, I wanted to renew these a little. (second)
However, I was strongly demanded from the client as drawn according to old design, because the client liked old design very much. (third) .

I think it was a little dissatisfied, but, on the other hand, I am honored that the client liked my character very much.

Illustration that I proposed
delivered illustration