Now in Progress


It is my way to draw the texture of Kimono.
Such work is my favorite process!!

I am trying to finish the painting before the end of the year.


Japanese Style Season Greeting

Best wishes for a warm and happy holiday season.


Process of Neo Digi Ukiyoe

The work is progressing smoothly.
I love detailed work. ^^



My DAEMONS is Tiger!!! That's great!

I like animals, WILD CAT above all !!
Because this result is too happy for me, I draw such a doodle in spite of myself. Hahaha^^

Yes, this is about "Golden Compass" the movie.
"Golden Compass" web site


Sketch of "Neo Digi Ukiyoe"


I don't pleased with my rough sketch.
revise, revise.....


New "Neo Digi Ukiyoe"

This is a new work of the "Neo Digi Ukiyoe".
(Please look at here about a detailed explanation of "Neo Digi Ukiyoe". )

Tema is "Karyo-binga".
Karyo-binga has the upper-body is a person and the lower body is a bird (This is special "Rat version").

It is said that Karyo-binga cry is very graceful and beautiful. Karyo-binga flies over the GOKURAKU paradise while playing the charming sound.


Sketch for Child Book



Skech for Magazine

Do you remember their name?
Yes! "Harry" and "Files".

Even so, .......Busy!!!!
I definitely finish my all works by Christmas!! hope so........


Finish Work

The theme of this Illustration is "Easter. "
Many small rabbit is maiking the Easter Egg!!


Cover of Magazine

This is a bimonthly magazine, "skeleton Mate".


Sketch for Child Book

This lough sketch a cover of the science book for children.
This is a book to explain man's evolution with Manga.
(I am in charge of the cover illustration only.)


Cover for Magazine

"Puzzle Suiri Fan" which I am in charge of the cover illustration now on sale.

"Harry Cross" and the partner "Files (cat)" is the detective in London.


Skech for Magazine

This magazine will be out January 2008.


GMAC is completed successfully!!

Gmac(Grand Marché d'Art Contemporain) is ended.As a result,17 works sold!! unbelievable!

I challenged the GMAC of Bastille/Paris following Valbonne in summer!! Paris is COLD!!
Booths were narrower than Valbonne. I decorated the wall with my 23 works with great difficulty. A lot of people went to my booth, and my work won the praise of many Parisien and Parisienne. Merci!!

I challenged the "kimono" again, and I was entertaining guests the "okaki,senbei"(Japanese rice cookie).It was favorably received.

Please look at my web-site if you are interested in my work.If you find a favorite work, it can be ordered.


GAMC in Paris!!

GMAC(Grand Marche Art Contemporain) is art event in Paris.
I leave for Paris in several days.

I feel nervous and very exciting!!

My profile page about GMAC

My blog is start!!

But it is still testing......