Character Design of Social Game

I designed the 9 characters for dark fantasy game "Revenge of Dragoon"(UNION MOBILE) The real hero and heroine of the nine countries is the theme.

Poster of Circus

Main art of Bolshoi Cirus .

Cover Illustration


Recent work

I drew a ninja Hattori Hanzo is actually in the Sengoku period. You can see the whole of this work in Pixiv.



Happy New Dragon Year !!

May the Year 2012 be excellent and totall awesome! ^^


Exhibition works

I was participating in "SWEET STREET American 80s in Japan" ended on the 23rd.

I drew "Raijin-chan" on the theme of the American 80s, and "Fujin-chan" on the theme of Japanese 80s.



Although this event is already ended, work can be purchased from WWA gallery.
Please visit the site of WWA gallery, if you are interested in my work.

Illsutration for magazine


Card Game Illsutration

The online card game for iPhone on which I drew some illustrations opened at last!!
This is first work of the game desien for me. ^0^

You could download this game from "App Store" now.
But I cannot say the title of this game for a reason of contract.. (x_x)

Some of works which I drew were up to this gallery.
You are very lucky if you find the game!!!


Main Art of Circus.

It is a main art of this year of bolshoi circus(Russian circus). and animal sketch.
These were used for the poster and original goods of circus.

I love animals works ^^


Original "CARS 2" Character

WOW! My original CARS character was introduced on the web site of Pixer. !! incredible!!